Trading Coach Oli is a project to teach real trading to everybody!

It was founded 2014, but the roots go back much farther.
Let me take you on a short ride!

"Best trading-related experience of the last 16 years, since you actually get your money's worth. He walks the talk and has all hands on deck. With this coach you get your profits.

Steffen F.


We are on a mission.

trading coach oli

My name is Oliver Klemm (Oli) and I was born in Frankfurt in 1963.

I finished school and started in 1982 to work in the financial markets.

After starting out at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, I was trading for other banks (NatWest and BNP a.o.) and brokers in partially leading positions until I established my own little brokerage “OKW”, which owned a seat on the Frankfurt floor, XETRA©, EUREX©, EURONEXT© and the stock exchange of Stuttgart. I sold the company in 2004.


Sustainability is the secret to Success

1929 trading floor wallstreetFor the next ten years, I worked in different positions and entities in various countries within the Hedge Fund world.

During my 30+ years of trading, I traded nearly everything, futures, options, equities, bonds, forex, warrants, commodities. It was and remains FUN!

As I always was into teaching and educating new trading talent, I started Trading Coach Oli.

We love to serve and love to go the extra mile.

Join us and start the journey to becoming a successful trader in today’s electronically dominated markets.

Our motto:

No voodoo, only statistically proven and time-tested strategies. We don’t talk, we deliver!


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"What puts Oliver apart from the rest of the German trader training scene, is his immense experience. Who else among the German coaches can rely on more than 30 years hands on experience as a trader from major international banks and hedge funds?

Inevitably, this knowledge is reflected in the content and quality of his webinars. The subjects brought up in the webinars are enthralling to both man and woman. Never acting as the headmaster, Oli has found a unique style that makes you want more and is too good not to pass on to others.

His exchange and cooperation with HipChat community is highly instructive and interesting.

Oli's one-year course and your personal commitment is all that's required for you to develop into a continually profitable trader within the year.

As for the price of his course - the fees here are what others pay for a weekend intensive seminar. This here course is a no brainer though, since anyone who seriously wants to learn trading, and provides the necessary labor to invest, needs to look no further...

Oli - please keep it up. I am completely satisfied. I have and will continue - always in good conscience - to recommend you."

Uwe D

"It's hard for me to believe that there are many other coaches in Germany, that have and pass on so much knowledge in such an outstanding way. In one year, the knowledge I have gained has exceeded my expectations."

Björn B